Mindful Rehab 

Conquer Your Clients’ Stress With Nervous System Regulation and Resilience

This course is a must for learning how to identify, address, and manage your clients’ stress responses that are holding them back from their therapeutic goals. Both psychological and physical stressors can impair progress with therapeutic exercise, open a pathway for chronic pain, and lead to fear avoidance of symptoms in clients across many domains in health care.

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Are you unsure how to assist clients with complex stressors and  emotions?  Do you want to be more confident in your ability to recognize client stressors and nervous system responses?

Mindfulness is...

an evidence-based practice that is, when combined with purposeful nervous system regulation, a powerful method of reducing stress and building resilience.

Mindful Rehab is...

about using mindfulness based approaches to best manage client (and your own!) stressors, burnout, anxiety, and nervous system responses to enhance rehab outcomes.

Why you should care about Mindful Rehab!

Nervous system dysregulation and ineffective stress responses impair: a) GAINZZ (muscle strength and hypertrophy), b) pain management strategies, and c) effective biopsychosocial recovery.

Mindfulness enhances awareness to your and your clients’ own sensations, symptoms, thoughts, and feelings. You can increase self confidence, resilience, empathy, and wellness and also reduce overwhelm and burnout, stress, anxiety, and depression.

How can I implement Mindful Rehab into my practice?

Gaining the confidence in your ability to recognize and manage client stressors and nervous system responses can be daunting.

"How do I encourage clients to use mindfulness?"
"What can I do to get my client to relax and release their stress?"
"How do I build resilience in my client?"
"How can I implement Mindful Rehab in my practice?"

Let’s reframe your challenges into opportunities. I have created a course (available December, 2023) to dive deeper into the science and practices behind mindfulness-based interventions and better equip you with the tools to up your Mindful Rehab game. I'm confident you’ll find the skills and knowledge to be an essential part of your daily practice.


Mindful Rehab Course

The Mindful Rehab skills shared in this state-of-the-art course can be incredibly important to achieve better outcomes with clients who have higher psychological and emotional stressors (isn't that all of us?), but they can be a challenge to implement. Therefore, we've created this course with practical skills and rehab ideas that you can implement immediately in your clinical practice. Based on theories and practice in stress resilience, mindfulness, Polyvagal Theory, and psychophysiology, this course will help you navigate these essential, but not often taught, clinical skills to achieve better client outcomes. 

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