Hello, I'm Scotty Butcher.  

I have been a Physical Therapist for 25 years and a University Professor for 15. I have advanced training in strength coaching, wellness coaching, mindfulness, meditation, clinical exercise physiology, and applied biofeedback. I practice, study, and teach strength training, biofeedback, exercise recovery methodology, and mindfulness. I have been fortunate to be able to pass my knowledge and skills on to others locally and across the globe.

About Me.


More important to me than my professional credentials are my personal life experience. I am married with a blended family of 5 teenaged children and dedicates my time and energy to being the best father I can be. I am also an active Mental Health advocate and have a long personal history of anxiety. Through this experience, I have learned first-hand the importance of using the body to impact both physiology and psychology, and have also learned how to build and refine a mental health skills approach to stressors.

Last, but certainly not least, I’m a self-proclaimed geeky nerd who also likes to lift. I am a huge Star Wars fan, but don’t judge if you like Star Trek better! My family is very much into Marvel movies and hanging out with our three rescue cats, Mighty, Mischief, and Marvel. I periodically compete in the sport of powerlifting, but value my morning walks with a podcast more.

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