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We all feel ‘anxious’ at times, right? True, but we often misconstrue what anxiety actually is. Anxiety is a natural human response to stress and challenging situations. Different than stress, which is simply an activation of our "fight or flight" reactions in response to a stressor, anxiety is the fear of what those stressors will do to us; and often persists well after the stressor is gone or even when a stressor isn't ever there.

Evolutionarily, anxiety and stress responses were critical to survival. However, in today’s life, the bears we’re fighting and fearing (finances, politics, careers, relationships, etc) often cause anxiety to become persistent and overwhelming, which have a huge effect on our body’s physiology, and in turn, our emotions and thoughts. This overwhelming response can hinder our ability to live a fulfilling life in many significant ways.  

The Stoic Tiger Anxiety Resilience Program is EXACTLY what you need to:

  • understand your anxiety and your physical and psychological responses to anxiety and stress;
  • learn how to identify how these responses are crushing your health, your career, your sleep, your relationships, your decisions, and your life;
  • flip the script on your anxiety responses to reframe them as opportunities and regulate them so you can choose your responses, rather than being reactive; 
  • train your nervous system to know when and how to respond with the "fight or flight" branch or to activate the "calm down, rest, digest" (vagus nerve drive) branch;
  • develop DEEP rest and recovery that replaces the withdrawal and dissociation that inevitably comes from too much "fight or flight";
  • achieve a level of resilience that when stressors do hit you, you can smile, avoid rage reactions, avoid fear, and MOVE forward with confidence that YOU. GOT. THIS.

In short, the Stoic Tiger Anxiety Resilience Program trains you to become one cool cucumber. 

Want to Hear More?

Here’s the compelling story of an individual who was once anxious and overwhelmed. Through anxiety resilience building, she transformed her life, highlighting the journey from feeling helpless and overwhelmed to becoming well-regulated and in control. This story is an inspirational example of what's possible with the right support.

Meet Sarah, a young professional who was trapped in a cycle of anxiety and overwhelm. The demands of her job, personal life, and the constant noise of modern living left her feeling paralyzed by anxiety. The overwhelm she felt at work spilled over to her home life where she would find herself randomly lashing out at her husband and young children. She disconnected from those she loved because she couldn’t just seem to get any good rest and recovery. And sleep? Forget about it – maybe 3-4 hours a night after hours of lying awake in bed. Always on edge, she feared her impending workday, was terrified about the effect on her family and career, and didn’t know how to break free.

While the outlook seemed bleak at the beginning, Sarah's story is one of transformation. Sarah finally recognized that she needed help and sought out an anxiety coach. With the support and guidance her coach, she used the strategies outlined in this booklet, learned to recognize her triggers and physical responses, understand her reactions, and developed practical strategies to regain control over her life.

Sarah's journey is a testament to the power of anxiety resilience. She transitioned from feeling helpless and overwhelmed to becoming well-regulated. Today, she manages her anxiety and stress effectively, knows how to find space to choose her responses, rather than reacting, and has finally learned what deep rest and recovery feels like, paving the way for a more
balanced, happier life.

Does Sarah’s story resonate with you? Are you, or do you know someone who is, struggling with anxiety and overwhelmed by life's challenges. Through this booklet, you’ll learn effective strategies to regain control over your emotional state, reactions, and behaviors. This transformative journey involves self-awareness, stress management techniques, and setting realistic goals. You'll gradually transition from feeling utterly overwhelmed to a well-regulated state where you confidently navigate life's challenges.

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What past participants are saying about the program...

Kelsey B.

“I was in a dark place and really struggling with balancing life and work. I had started to look for work outside of my field. I struggled with insomnia and finding joy in my day to day life...... Now, I have more balance to my life and am sleeping much more regularly. I’m also finding joy back in my work now. If I find something irritating, instead of reacting, I can bring myself down. It’s really changed my life - I’ve seen it and my husband has seen it too. But sleep is the biggest win for me... giving me the mental fortitude to meet the challenges I have day to day.”

Celeste W.

“At the start of the program, I was feeling in a dark place overall, burnt out with work, and overwhelmed with life and family things..... Now, I am able to manage my daily stress well and I’ve fallen back in love with my work. I feel more open to the fact that not every day is going to be the same and life is going to continue to throw challenges at me, but my mindset shifted to the point that I know I can handle it. I’m also kinder to myself now.” 



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Dr. Scotty Butcher

Founder of The Stoic Tiger Anxiety Resilience Program

There are many anxiety resources, coaches, and programs out there. I’m sure most of them are good. So, why should you choose me? 

In short - I know you, because I AM you. I’ve lived with a combination of anxiety and panic disorders for the course of over 25 years. I have High-Functioning Anxiety and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I’ve had periods of Social Anxiety Disorder, Specific Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, and Mental Health Disability. I have lived your challenges, your fears, and your symptoms. I have learned, through my own personal experiences as well as my professional training, how to build resilience and conquer the effects of stress and anxiety. And I know how to approach anxiety by teaching you how to blend your own psychology and physiology.

“That’s great that you can understand me,” you may say, “but what are your professional qualifications?  

I have over 25 years in health care as a physical therapist. I am a PhD-trained breathing sciences expert (respiratory physiology). I have been researching and teaching clinical and exercise physiology as a professor for over 16 years. And I have advanced training in applied biofeedback (understanding your body’s physiology), applied breathing sciences, mindfulness meditation, and stress resilience coaching. 

Most importantly to me, however, is how I’ve gone through this program myself. I’ve done all of the work that I take my clients through. I’ve taken my knowledge, training, and experience and applied it to my own anxiety. I have now applied the program to my clients who have transformed their lives by:

  • Reducing stress, anxiety, fear, anger, withdrawal, and overwhelm
  • Learning how to achieve deep recovery and rest (and even sleep much better!)
  • Reducing both mental and physical fatigue
  • Becoming the best version of themselves 

I coach and support you through this whole process and know you will enjoy these benefits and many more. I am passionate about this work and am on a mission to teach you to harness the powerful anxiety resilience that has always been there just out of your grasp.

 If you're ready to conquer your anxiety, reach out now for a free consult!

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