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Mind Body Strength offers in-person courses, online programs, workshops, and mentorship.

Certificate Program in Strength & Conditioning
in Rehabilitation

An online program where, upon completion, you will receive a certificate in Strength and Conditioning in Rehabilitation.

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Mindful Rehab

Continue to expand your knowledge on how to implement the skills outlined in the free brochure "Top 5 Essential Mindful Rehab Skills".

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Are you looking for more in-depth virtual mentoring about incorporating strength and conditioning into your personal or clinical practice? or about integrating a mindfulness approach to exercise and recovery?

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Hi, I'm Scotty, and I have been a Physical Therapist for 25 years and a University Professor for 15. I have advanced training in strength coaching, wellness coaching, mindfulness, meditation, clinical exercise physiology, and applied biofeedback. 

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Myranda R.

"I feel so much stronger after taking Scotty's program."

Cassandra K.

"Great instructor with highly relevant education, work experience, and personal experience with the material being taught."

Pat S.

"This is the first course that a student needs to take right after PT school."

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